Dr. Lance Crisler , Instructional Advisor

   Dr.  Lance Crisler is an American professional based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is originally from Hawaii and has traveled extensively throughout the world, including spending significant time in East Asia studying languages, religions, literatures, and cultures. Lance holds a PhD in Chinese literature from UCLA and his research focuses on the Han and Pre-Han period of Early China. In addition to his academic work, Lance has also spent many years developing international educational programs and establishing long-term relationships between high schools and universities in the USA, Taiwan, and China.    


Mr. Michael Verde, Curriculum Developer

Michael Verde is an award-winning educator, internationally recognized speaker, and social entrepreneur. He earned an M.A. in literary studies from the University of Iowa, and a M.A. in theology from the Durham University in England, graduating at the top of his international class. He is currently completing his PhD dissertation at Indiana University in qualitative research, focusing on experiential learning and literary theory. In 2003, he founded Memory Bridge, a globally recognized non-profit dedicated to ending the emotional isolation of people with dementia.  


Dr. Emilija Zlatkovska, Instructional Advisor

Dr. Emilija Zlatkovska, originally from Macedonia, currently serves as a Director of the Intensive English Program at USI in Evansville IN. She is an administrator, teacher trainer, professor at the Intensive English program, and a recruiter for USI. She is also an adjunct professor at the Second Language Acquisition, Policy and Culture MA program at USI teaching Language Learning and Technology course. She is highly involved in the ESL/EFL field and currently serves as a NAFSA IEP network leader and Task Force member for EnglishUSA, both of which are great ways to connect and find supportive network of colleagues. She loves to read, watch movies, travel and spend time with her family and friends.