StarRight creates and administers immersion-learning experiences for Chinese and American students. Our programs, currently hosted in nationally and internationally esteemed schools in three states, provide middle school to university students the opportunity to spend five days to two weeks living and learning in enriched environments. Safe, stimulating, and life-changing, our programs open the door to this century's global world and invite  eager minds to live the future now.  Please explore our current and past programs  and, if you know a young person ready to lead our shared world into the 21st Century, contact us.



The emerging global economy will reward leaders in business, government, education, and industry who can communicate across linguistic and cultural borders. It will also continue to need people who can connect with others based on perennially vital human virtues: honesty, dependability, empathy, and an abiding commitment to self-transcending principles. In short, StarRight believes that the real leaders of the future will understand that technology at its best serves actual and not only virtual communities. Consequently, our vision is a synthesis of high-tech and high-touch: we educate minds but we also nourish relationships, both local and global. Our programs reflect this core philosophy in their design and implementation.


Partner Schools

StarRight partners with exemplary  schools in the United States and China to provide our clients with educational experiences that change lives. We select schools based on academic rankings, national and international recognition, surrounding cultural richness, and quality of participating educators. Our programs have been hosted by Harvard Medical School, UCLA, UC Berkeley, M.I.T., Chino Hills Unified School District, Duarte Unified School District,  Monrovia Unified School District, Concord Academy, Village Christian School, Buckley  School, and South Hills Academy.

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